5 ways to get that Snowthrower running all Winter

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  • If you already own a blower and gas is left in it from last season, siphon out as much as possible, then add gas to which you’ve added a fuel stabilizer that’s designed to handle the ethanol in gas. At the end of this season, if you prefer to leave the gas in, top it off with more stabilized gas—though it’s best to run it dry.
  • Take out the spark plug. If it’s only a year or so old, clean its electrode and screw it back in. If you don’t remember when you last replaced it, do so now; plugs today come properly gapped.
  • Change the oil if you didn’t do it in the spring. Ensure that it’s at the recommended grade and level to protect the engine.

  • For new models, at the start of the season use PREMIUM fuel with added stabilizer.
  • Keep extra belts on hand and, for two-stage models, extra shear pins. Both tend to break while the snow blower is working its hardest.
If you need some help preparing your equipment for the next storm, we invite you to contact us. The little bit of extra work you do now with save you lots of time and money when you need the tools again in the spring.
Until then, start preparing your wnter tools and ensure you have the lubricants, parts and service they require.  Ultimately, we vwant to ensure you have the tools running their best when you need them most.  We look forward to helping you. 


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