Be Smart and Safe Using Your Mower in the Fall

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Even though we’re nearing the end of grasscutting, lawn mower injuries to the feet are common injuries this time of year.
These injuries can result in deep lacerations, severed tendons, and loss of toenails or toes. They are typically very dirty injuries requiring immediate medical attention for adequate cleansing of the area, antibiotics, and possible surgical intervention including repair of any deep lacerations.
Some fare better than others in the extent of the injury. There are many things that you can do to help prevent this injury for yourself:
‣ Wear shoes. Now this might sound like common sense to many, but you would be surprised at many people mow in flip flops, sandals and even barefoot. It is very important to wear good supportive shoes that provide complete coverage for your feet.
‣ Mow dry grass, not wet grass. Not only can wet grass dull your mower blades, it can also result in loss of toes!
‣ Wet grass will make you more susceptible to slipping and having your feet go under the deck of the mower into the blades, increasing risk for severe injury to your toes.
‣ Always turn the mower off to clean the deck. There have been cases in which someone has tried to clear the side discharge with their foot while the mower is still running, again resulting in injury to the toes.
‣ Avoid projectiles from the side discharge. It is recommended to keep a clip bag attached to help avoid potential projectiles.
‣ Care must be taken on hills. It is very easy to slip while mowing on a hill and have your feet slip under the deck or have the mower overtake you while trying to push it up the hill. It is best to mow side to side along the length of the hill rather than up and down the hill.
‣ So be diligent and take care of your feet this summer. If you sustain any lawn mower-related injury seek medical attention immediately.
If you are concerned about the safety of your equipment, STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY!  Consult your owners manual or servicing dealer to ensure you are avoiding any unnecessary preventable harm or injury from your outdoor power equipment.
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