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When was the last time you started your home generator?
Last year's powerful ice storm had local residents flooding outdoor power equipment for generators, but luckily since then, the need for generators has been sparse.
While there are many reasons to be thankful for mother nature's mercy, many generators are sitting in storage not ready for the next power outage.  Maintenance is key, If you don’t maintain your generator you could be out of luck if the power goes out.
Over the last few weeks we’ve seen thunderstorms with a lot of lightning and strong gusty winds move through the...
With the rapid, endless growth of grass this season, many customers have been looking to save time and energy.
Mike M. a local resident, has been overjoyed by his recent Toro Timecutter purchase.  For over 10 years, Mike was a proud Craftsman tractor owner but found that with age, it was slowing down and failing to meet his expectations.
So when Mike came for an assessment, He climbed onto a Toro 42" Timecutter riding mower, revved the engine a time or two, spun a few turns and hasn't looked back. A half mile of lush lawn lay before him, a ribbon of tree-lined green that slopes away from his...

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Local Farmers are reaping the benefits of the extra rain the Greater Toronto Area has received so far this spring and summer.

Kelly, a local farmer, said business increases during wet summers, but so has the work. Healthy grass and crops requires more maintenance, but also a much more profittable and sustainable farm.

While farmers spend extra money beautifying their crops and preserving them from excessive r when the grass stays green, he said, compared to years when crops spoil because of a burn-out.

The long, deep-freeze and stormy weather from the winter damaged a lot of roots and crops.  With this exceptionally...

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Forget big clunky snowthrowers with their complicated levers and calibrations. The new array of single stage Toro Snowthrowers is compact, designed for ease, speed and mobility. Just fire it up, engage the auger and go. 
Make moving snow a breeze!  Stop shovelling and explore all the benefits having a snowthrower can offer.
Toro's 721 Power Clear Series can move up to 1800 pounds of snow per minute and handle whatever is in it's path. From hard, compacted snow to the icy, slush.  Toro's Single Stage Blowers helped countless Canadians deal with one of the worst Winter's Ever!  
For smaller jobs, Toro has...
The modern world runs on cleaner, smarter and more effectively. Portable smartphones, tablets, computers, e-readers and more have revolutionized how everyone communicates. The same is becoming true for household chores. Today’s line-up of innovative devices make maintaining a home’s outdoor spaces easy, fast and fun while adding a dash of Millennial cool.
New outdoor power equipment is compact, lightweight and easy to store. They share the convenience of other portable devices. But instead of connecting you to the outside world, these improve the world outside your own back door.  Make a quick, quiet, clean...

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I’ve operated a chain saw since I was about 12. Growing up around chainsaws, my dad and I occasionally needed to cut up trees that had fallen into fields, or trees that had grown over fences and property lines between our farm and the neighbors’.
We also cut wood to heat our home, so I had a good upbringing in using a saw — sort of.
I learned such things as how to mix the fuel properly, how to hold the saw level when cutting and how to predict and avoid pinches (those pressure points in the limb that clamp down on the saw, trapping it into place).
I also learned about kick-back — the sudden,...
There’s nothing like the approach of bad weather to get everyone in its expected path thinking about generators. But for some prospective buyers, the noise and the quality of power that a portable generator supplies is a turn-off. That’s where an inverter model comes in. Using new technology, inverter generators deliver cleaner power and are typically quieter, lighter, and more energy efficient. But as far as Consumer Reports is concerned Honda's EU7000i is the best of the best.
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