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The Greater Toronto Area has been inundated with excessive rainfall yet again! Resulting in saturated soils and flooding in many areas. Many other areas also have been experiencing above average rainfall.
When it is too wet, it is difficult to keep up with regular garden and yard maintenance. The excessively wet soils also can damage some plants or even kill them. When gardens and yards are flooded, even more severe damage can occur, causing the death of lawns, flowers, shrubs or trees. Excess water forces oxygen out of the soil, which in effect causes the plants’ roots to die or drown from lack of oxygen.

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Always make safety a priority when using outdoor power equipment.   
Research shows that more than 75,000 people are treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms each year for injuries caused by power lawn mowers. Many of these injuries were caused by carelessness. One important step to safety is to read the operator's manual that comes with the mower.
Power mowers are designed to cut dense grass when used properly and will mulch grass and chop up small sticks and weed stems.
Power mowers also will easily cut fingers, toes and shoes, however. Tens of thousands of people every year wind up in the...

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Homeowners striving to have the best lawn on the block don't need to break the bank.
There are many ways to improve how your lawn looks from early spring to late fall that will cost very little or that you can do for free.
Mowing is an activity that happens every year in every yard. Here are a few ideas that can help keep your lawn healthier.
Mow more frequently -- Lawns that are mowed more often allow you to leave the clippings that will provide as much as a pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet. A good rule of thumb is to remove no more than one-third of the grass blade at any one...

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It appears as if the mowing season will be continuing throughout the summer. As the gentle hums of the neighborhood power tools and mouth-watering smell of barbeque fill the air, more and more local residents want to enjoy their yards and landscapes; rather than work to maintain them.
The excessive rains and cooler temperatures have made for quite a workout. A lot of homeowners are "making it easy" by upgrading to practical, time-saving tools that improve the look of your yard quickly, safely and effectively.
There's no need to curse an older, unproductive tool. Make yardwork fun again!  We have a number...

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After a record setting, blisteringly cold winter, tree damage and replacement has been a major part of many landscape restoration projects.  To ensure you find the right tree, for the right environment to enrich the overall look and health of your yard.
Below is a helpful guide to help you better choose your trees and help ensure you find the right plants and ensure you place them properly. 
Remember to plan your trees, before you plant them!
• Before doing anything, take a close look at your yard and where you want to plant trees. Consider the site and the goal.
• If...

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The Stihl 16.5 inch 36 Volt cordless lawnmower is powered by a rechargeable battery that's said to be the most reliable Lithium-Ion battery in the lawn equipment industry. 
Older, heavier mowers are made of steel, heavy and takes several pulls and gas priming to get it started. She's thought about buying a new mower and was interested in trying out the new battery operated RMA Stihl Stihl Mower. 
Having experiences with a number of cordless mower options, We were impressed by some of the RMA 370's functionality. The battery easily slides in, everything adjusts smoothly and it's just easy to use. You can...

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  Check your fuel and filters and don’t skip routine maintenance
Warmer weather means more time in your yard—and, with lush, long rapidly growing grass, Too often, landscapers waste time dealing with mowers, string trimmers, chain saws, and other power equipment that won’t start or doesn’t cut it. Here are some tips to help you and your crews for the long, hot summer.

Sharpen the blades. Mower blades should slice grass, rather than tearing it, which looks ugly and can invite lawn disease. Blades typically need sharpening once a month. You can do it yourself with a special file...

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