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Posted by in News, Home Improvement on Jul 09, 2014 .
As the hot summer becomes dry and humid, you will want to keep an eye on the health of your landscape plants.
Summer drought is normal and is an issue every year. However, If there are a greater number of days in which the temperature exceeds 90 degrees, the stress on plants, grass and your body increases.
Be sure to tend to your plants and conserve water when the mercury rises for extended periods of time:
1. Water your landscape strategically. Water early in the morning when temperatures are lower. Water plants infrequently and deeply prior to and during drought. Saturate the area to a depth of 8 to...

Posted by in News on Jun 18, 2014 .
Telling the story of a home is about displaying its potential. This time of year, your outdoor space can play a key role in getting the value you are seeking for your property.
Always remember that with real estate, a first impression either engages a potential buyer or disqualifies any interest they may have had.
The front yard is the first impression. Every buyer – from the do-it-yourself garden expert to the folks who would just rather hire everything out – can see the picture you have already painted with your yard care and landscaping.
Sellers often leave untapped potential with...

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With contractors needing to install interlock, ashphalt and retaining wall block, the need for flat compacted surfaces is essential.  Many of today's landscape contractors are benefitting from durable, reliable Jeonil compaction equipment. 
Nearly all landscapers have a need for compaction equipment—whether they’re installing patios, ponds, sidewalks, creating a utility trench, etc. 
A popular machine type for a landscaper is a forward plate compactor.  Jeonil's plate line is wide ranging.  Forward plate compactors are very popular with landscapers because they offer the right mix of dimensions and...
Whether you've got to tackle a major cleaning job, looking to rinse your patio or simply clean off your car, reach for an ECHO pressure washer. These NEW Echo pressure washers come with premium pump housings, advanced spraying technology, including a high-pressure setting good for tough jobs like deck and concrete cleaning, and a low-pressure mode for delicate surfaces.
Armed with a pressure washer, homeowners can boost soapy water up to 30 feet, clean second-story windows, get rid of hard-to-reach insect nests and clean decks, patio furniture and other surfaces. 
These New Echo pressure washer...

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With trees toppled across the Greater Toronto Area after a harsh winter and strong spring winds, chainsaws of all shapes and sizes are in high demand to clean the backyard. 
The buzz of gas chainsaw might get on your nerves, but with all the fallen debris this season, it is a sound many have become accustomed to. Stihl's Cordless battery-operated chainsaw lessens that assault on the ears a little bit.  Enjoy the quiet cutting of the new battery-powered chainsaw which is ideal for even indoor applications.
The Stihl MSA chainsaw produces less than 80 decibels of noise so ear plugs aren't required to use...
Mowing the lawn is the most frequent turfgrass management practice and probably one the average person does not think about much. But mowing can affect turfgrass quality as much as any other cultural practice.
The cutting height for a turf grass is determined by the amount of sun/shade, the grass cultivar, turf vigor, turf use and turf growth habit. The most effective mowing height varies considerably among different grasses and generally relates to erectness of growth and location of the crown or growing point. Cutting heights usually result from a compromise between the appearance you desire and the factors...
Few things are as aggravating to a gardener than a lawn that sneaks into flower beds. Once there, the grass roots are very difficult to extricate once they infiltrate perennial plants. While there are many types of edging materials, none has been invented that can't be outsmarted by grass.
The most effective barrier is a cliff. That's right, create a small cliff to edge your beds. Grass can't grow into air. For small applications, use a flat spade to cut straight down at the edge of the bed. Remove the sod and you'll end up with a cliff beyond which the grass can't grow. Grade the soil in the flower bed into a...
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