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Before a winter storm arrives, it’s important for home and business owners to prepare for snow clean-up and ice removal. Police, fire and medical emergercy personnel remind home and business owners that it’s best to get ready before a storm strikes.
The days after a storm can be dangerous for people who are trying to get things back to normal and facing extraordinary circumstances.
Just a few short years ago, the Greater Toronto Area was ravaged by an unprecedented ice storm which left many homeownners powerless over the holiday season.
Roger, a local fire official says that far...

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Toro Snowthrower Buyers Guide: Tips on what to shop for in both single- and two-stage snowthrowers.

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For over 60 years, Toro has been an industry leader in Snowthrowers.  In 1952, Snow Hound snow blower. The development of a walk-behind snowblower gave each homeowner the personal power to remove snow in their driveway and sidewalks without using the strenuous shovel. In 1962, Toro came out with a lightweight consumer snow blower, the "Snow Pup."                

                                                   Since then, Toro snowthrowers have become...

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Now is prime time to prep your yard for the next growing season
With cooling temperatures slow aboveground growth, excessive moisture enriches soil and encourages strong root development. Removing spent stems, dead branches, and heavy leaf cover protects plants' overall health.
Here's 10 Great Ways to have an elite landscape next spring
Aerate the Lawn
If rainfall pools on the grass, it's time to aerate compressed soil so water and nutrients can reach the roots. A garden fork can do the job on a small yard, but for larger lawns Roger uses a walk-behind aerator that pulls out 2½-to 3-inch-deep...

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Another glorious autumn will soon be upon us and that means your lawn will require some serious fall yard maintenance. We know, we know—that’s not exactly your idea of fun, but your yard is quietly crying out for a little TLC before it drifts into the deep freeze of winter.
Good news: If you put in the time to tackle chores now, you’ll be all set and sitting pretty come spring. Even better news: There are actually a few traditional fall maintenance tasks that the experts say you should actually skip!
Go ahead, read on to learn which chores to do and to avoid.
Things to do right off the...

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When stand-on zero-turn mowers were introduced to the marketplace more than a decade ago, manufacturers hoped the product would soon become as popular as both the sit-down zero-turn and intermediate walk-behind. It never happened. But today, thanks to improved designs, smaller footprints, a refined market position and wider distribution, manufacturers are optimistic that the stand-on won’t be standing still much longer.
Stand-on applications. The stand-on mower is designed specifically for landscapers, especially those in metro areas who have smaller, highly landscaped...

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With hot, humid sunshine and little rain, preserving your lawn and landscapes becomes a summer necessity.
The key to getting your lawn through heat waves is to water effectively. Bluegrass lawns need 1 to 1.5 inches of water a week and even more with the heat. Sod roots generally grow about 6 inches deep and need enough irrigation to soak the entire root mass. To determine how deep your current watering program is getting, dig a small hole in the lawn and measure the band of damp soil. If it’s not wet down 6 inches you need to water longer.
How long is enough? That is going to depend on your...

Alpine is once again proud to feature the industry's top lawn mowers.  Honda's HRR2169VKC features Honda's Commercial-Grade Engine, a 3-year consumer warranty and as a testament to their reliability, a one year commercial warranty.

The Honda HRR2169VKC with the exclusive MicroCut twin-blade system is powered by the quiet and efficient Honda GCV160 4-stroke, overhead cam engine certified to meet EPA and CARB emissions levels.

Honda's effortless self propelled mowers feature their patented Variable Speed Technology (VST) which allows you to control your mowing speed with a simple turn of the wrist you can increase or...

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