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Posted by in on Apr 23, 2015 .
With the mowing season soon in full force, we are reminding all our customers to make safety a priority for the mowing season. When firing up your larger mowers be sure to exercise caution when mowing on slopes and inclines.
If you are using your lawn mower on a slope, it is very important that you pay attention to the terrain, be vigilant of risks and know how to fully operate your mower. These best practices can help lawn mower operators avoid potential mishaps.
The safety tips are as follows. 
1. Exercise caution.
Operating any mower on a slope requires extra caution. Slopes are a...

Posted by in News on Apr 14, 2015 .
Looking to buy a faster, smoother, more efficient grasscutter but not sure how it may handle or if it is the right tool for the job. 
Alpine's "Try it before you buy it" program will allow you to discover all the potential of Exmark Landscape Equipment.
Alpine Lawn and Garden is happy to be offering local landscapers the opportunity to demo a wide array of Exmark mowers.
Feel free to contact us for a "hassle free" assessment of your equipment and together, we can assess which unit is best for your needs, application and budget.
We look forward to helping you maximize your...
I admit it. It turns out that one of the best home-remodeling projects in terms of return on investment is landscaping.
Landscaping projects can have a recovery value of 100-200 percent if done well. The same story reported recovery values of 75-125 percent for a kitchen remodel, 80-120 percent for a bathroom and 20-50 percent for a swimming pool. Simply put, landscaping can significantly affect property values. When done right, it can add significant value to a home. When landscaping is done poorly, or is neglected, it can take away value.
But wait! I'm not intending to sell my house any time soon. I...

Posted by in News, Home Improvement on Apr 09, 2015 .
Proper tools can churn up soil in a short amount of time to make landscaping projects that much easier.
The right tools for the job can be the difference between an interminable landscaping project and one that goes smoothly and efficiently. Aspiring landscapers probably have a few shovels and rakes hanging in their garages and sheds for basic landscaping work. But while such tools are effective for certain projects, when it comes to churning soil for garden beds or digging holes for outdoor structures, additional tools come in handy. It may be well worth a trip to a nearby home center to purchase or rent one of...

Posted by in News on Apr 07, 2015 .
Are you taking your mower for granted? Expect it to start on the first pull of the season? Better think about giving it a try before you really need it some pretty March or April weekend.
Mowers have come a long way. Modern lawnmowers are far from the cantankerous, cumbersome, smokey and noisy. Today’s gas engines are lighter, quieter, more powerful, and more durable.  But if any of them fail to crank, good luck finding a small-engine repair shop that will give you fast service this time of year.
Commercial and regular customers are often put in front of the line for spring tuning or repairs....

Posted by in News, Maintenance on Apr 07, 2015 .
After a winter of shoveling, roof-raking, and other back-breaking chores, another task awaits—ridding the yard of winter's debris. A common part of the job is taking a chain saw to fallen tree branches but that can be frustrating if your chain saw isn't ready for the cleanup. Here’s what to do:
Fire it up. Since a chain saw is a handheld machine with a small engine, degraded gas left over the winter can keep it from starting. If you added fuel stabilizer to the gas before you put it away for the season, it might start right up. (The 2-cycle oil you mix with your gas should have built-in stabilizer.) Otherwise,...

Posted by in News, Maintenance on Apr 07, 2015 .
With the first sight of grass and rising temperatures, spring is finally just around the corner. 
Before we know it we will be getting our lawn mowers out of the shed! Are you ready for it? The better question may be, is your mower ready?
Speaking from past experience, many of us put our mower away in the fall and have not seen it since. Also from past experience, one can get frustrated when the grass needs cut and the mower does not start.
The best way to avoid this is to make sure your mower is cleaned and properly maintained. Whether you are a do-it-yourself type of person or prefer the help of...
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