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Posted by in News, Home Improvement on Mar 10, 2015 .
Spring fever hits everyone as we finally begin to see some relief from a long, bitterly cold, snow-filled winter.
However, despite all the delightful spring days, March can sometimes decide it hasn’t had enough of winter and surprises us with a cold spell just when we think it is safe to plant vegetables for our main-season gardens.
Go ahead and plant those tomatoes outside, but keep a protective covering nearby in case of a cold spell. You can use fabric row cover or a cloche. A cloche is a bell-shaped glass covering that you place over your plants to hold in the warmth of the sun and protect against...

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With many cedars are flopped over and some suffocated by the thick ice and heavy snow that ravaged them over the winter.
The results of the coldest winter weather in living memory are often visible on your neighbourhood landscapes.  As the weather starts to finally  improve with warmer temperatures and more sunlight, now is a great time to assess your shrubs and begin to plan their rejuvenation.
Reinvigorate shrubs with early spring pruning. Most shrubs look best when you thin out one-third of the oldest, woodiest stems, cutting them back right to the base of the plant. You’ll get fresh new growth,...

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With the spring thaw finally starting to loosen winter’s grip on the Greater Toronto Area, some municipalities are keeping their eyes open for flood warning signs. The City of Toronto strongly advises local residents to monitor all storm drains, water ways and hydrants. Controlling Water flow has become an important part of winter maintance.
The borough’s public works crews are continuously working and advising local residents to make sure manholes, storm drains and heattroughs are clear. “The goal is to prevent accumulation of water. So, in the streets, we’re trying to clear as much as we can to make sure...


The new Ferris®  FW35 dual hydrostatic commercial walk-behind mower offers operators smoother, more user-friendly operation.  The FW35 dual hydrostatic commercial walk behind mowers feature all-new, Centralized Control handles. Inspired by professional landscapers, the redesigned handles have been moved to a more natural, ergonomic position. Improved comfort can mean extended productivity. Even better, the narrower stance of our handlebars protects hands from scrapes and cuts when navigating around shrubs and trees, mowing beside walls and fences, and when loading and unloading inside...

Posted by in Product Reviews, News on Mar 05, 2015 .
Compact, self-propelled mower for the landscape professional

Whether shuttling between jobs or maneuvering around obstacles, this walk behind mower is a heavy duty performer in an efficient package.

With a choice of 36" and 48" cutting widths, FW25 dual hydrostatic commercial walk behind mowers will readily fit most small sheds and trailers while packing impressive performance and features. Fulltime lawn care crews will appreciate the comfort of our all-new, CC™ Centralized Control handles. Moved inward to a more natural, ergonomic position, you may discover you last longer...

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With the frigid cold and harsh winter conditions, hardscapers will be busy restoring landscapes and repairing various stone ans interlock work.  The Stihl Cutquicks remain the industry's "go to" saw for these projects.  However as the work piles up and the equipment is going through it's daily grind, we see a lot of preventative wear. 

Following the recommended maintenance schedule can help improve the safety, performance and lifespan of your concrete saw. While serious repairs should be left to your servicing dealer, routine maintenance can be carried out by you and your crews. Here are some things you should be...

Finally!  An efficient, powerful and proven battery operated cutquk has arrived.  Stihl Inc. has introduced the industry’s first battery-powered cutoff saw, which it is targeting at general masonry, concrete and hardscaping work.  The TSA 230 offers you all of the benefits on a cutquik in a compact, light and convenient size.
With more and more contractors are looking to buy concrete tools, such as breakers and saws, that run on electric power, which offers zero emissions for indoor and closed area projects. 
"Everything that you can use a gasoline-powered saw for you can do with this...
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