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Posted by in News, Maintenance on Feb 11, 2015 .
For outdoor power equipment owners, there’s nothing more frustrating than a snowthrower that won’t start during that first snow storm, or the lawnmower that refuses to fire up for the first cut of the season. Oftentimes, issues with hard-starting engines stem from bad fuel and the frigid cold.
The solution to many of these maintenance woes is actually quite simple: Use an effective fuel treatment at every fill-up and Like your car and shoes, be sure to remove the excess before it freezes. First, run the auger out of snow for several seconds to shake off what you can. Then shut it off. You can use a windshield...
Winter months are a good time to plan your spring landscape projects. You can reflect on the improvements you would like to make, what worked well last year and what not so well. At times the planning process itself can seem daunting, so we hope to provide a few ideas to help make your planning a little easier.
First, review the lighting characteristics of your yard spaces. Classify exposure to daily direct sunlight as full sun (over 6 hours), partial sun (4-6 hours), partial shade (2-4 hours) and full shade (less than 2 hours).
Also, do these areas get evening sun, midday sun or morning sun?...

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Mowing the lawn short at the start of the season seems like a really good idea. The low mowing height will cut away the winter dead and pick up all the leaves, leaving the grass ready for spring green. Who doesn't want to have the greenest lawn on the block? But spring also breeds your landscape's little invasion force, the pretty yet pesky dandelion.
Mowing low in the very early spring or late winter does remove the winter layer of debris. Mowing low also removes much of the debris that is also shading the soil. You may ask what's wrong with that. The problem is low mowing opens the soil up to more...
EFI Technology
Never Slow Down.

Introducing the most advanced fuel injection technology in Kawasaki history. Kawasaki Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) with integrated load-sensing speed command, sequential-firing injectors, advanced ECU and instant throttle response all work together to hold optimum blade tip speed under most conditions. Fly through jobs that can bog some engines down, with no perceptible power droop.

With an engine that holds working speeds this fast and steady, you can gain hours each month – for pros that means more time available for more customers. That’s good for...

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Every year, there are over 35,000 chainsaw-related injuries across North America. That means a lot of chainsaw-wielding homeowners are making haphazard cuts straight across the trunk, probably without reading the tree's natural lean. We regularly deal with Toronto's most prominant arborists and when using a chainsaw, big or small, it is important to prepare yourself and your unit.
The first order of business is getting effective safety gear. A hard hat and face shield, some Kevlar chaps and durable gloves are always strongly recommended.  Be sure all safety gear fits comfortably and safely.
Last year around the holidays, Many Torontonians were crippled by a massive ice storm with power outages that left many families with a less than happy holiday surprise. Torontonians were expecting a traditional "White Christmas"  with snow, burt few were expecting the bitter cold and forged ice that took left thousands powerless for the holidays.
One of the best ways to be prepared for future power outages in nasty weather (which includes heavy ice and snow) is to have a generator available for usage when the lights go out. It is especially important for this in the winter, even if to just be able to heat your...

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Get your equipment for preparing snow and ice and maintain the outside of your home – from blowers to throwers to shovels, salt and salters.

• For large projects like driveways and parking lots, Snow blowers like the Ariens, Toro and Honda two stage units will help tackle the task. Keep your blowers at the front of your garage in colder months to avoid extra prep work in heavy snow fall.

• For detailed surfaces and smaller driveways and walkways, enlist the help of a Single Stage Snowthrower, which features lightweight frames, powerful engines and easy handling. Toro, Honda and Ariens single stage units will clear...

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