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Posted by in News on Dec 22, 2014 .

Get your equipment for preparing snow and ice and maintain the outside of your home – from blowers to throwers to shovels, salt and salters.

• For large projects like driveways and parking lots, Snow blowers like the Ariens, Toro and Honda two stage units will help tackle the task. Keep your blowers at the front of your garage in colder months to avoid extra prep work in heavy snow fall.

• For detailed surfaces and smaller driveways and walkways, enlist the help of a Single Stage Snowthrower, which features lightweight frames, powerful engines and easy handling. Toro, Honda and Ariens single stage units will clear...

Posted by in on Dec 17, 2014 .
Your garden might be the furthest thing from your mind in winter, but it’s the perfect time to think about it. Without foliage, a garden’s structure (or lack thereof) is visible. When you’re not worrying about watering, planting and weeding, you can focus on the components and overall design.
Like your home’s interior, gardens are spaces created to suit the tastes and needs of you and your loved ones. If your garden does not do that, it’s time for a change.
Take a long look: The first step is to grab a pad of paper and get ready to embark on some garden soul-searching. Over the coming weeks,...

Posted by in Home Improvement, Maintenance on Dec 17, 2014 .
December usually finds most gardeners rushing from store to store for last minute Christmas gift shopping for a garden journal for that special gardening friend or dashing around the house cleaning and getting ready for visitors, that special seasonal family dinner, and preparing the nativity scene so it can be displayed on the front lawn along with your holiday lighting display. Forget about gardening chores, especially winter gardening.
Fortunately for all of us, December gardening “to-do” lists are more of a “don’t do” list of winter gardening activities. 
A few things you do need to keep an...

Posted by in News, Maintenance on Oct 16, 2014 .
Finger injuries, including amputations, accounted for about half of the more than 4,000 estimated emergency-room visits related to snow blowers reported annually. Back and shoulder strain were also common. Here’s how to protect against these and other injuries.
•Never wear loose pants, jackets, or scarves, which can get tangled in a snow blower’s moving parts and pull you in with them.
•Wear earplugs or other hearing protection, especially with a gas-powered model, which typically runs above the 85 decibels at which hearing damage can occur.
•Before the snow gets too deep,...

Posted by in News, Maintenance on Oct 15, 2014 .
Many of the garden tools and power equipment that we use during the growing season sit idle during the winter.
By taking a little time and do some preventive maintenance on them so that your equipment will be ready for next spring.
Begin by winterizing your lawn mower, leaf blower, weed trimmer and other gas powered.
Drain the gas or let the engine run until it is empty. If you don’t drain the gas, at least add some fuel stabilizer to the tank.
Drain the oil if it hasn’t been changed in a while and remove the oil filter and either clean or replace it.
Check all nuts and...

Posted by in News, Home Improvement on Oct 14, 2014 .
After a long season of grasscutting, you can finally see and feel the change of seasons. Fall color is starting to appear, pansies, mums and asters are in the garden center and your thoughts are turning to preparing your landscape for winter.
Those in warm climates are switching to winter annuals, while those in colder regions are fortifying their landscapes for the cold winter ahead. No matter where you live, invest some time in preparing your landscape for the change in seasons. Dedicating some time now will pay off with healthier more beautiful plants next spring.
•Continue to mow the lawn high as long as it...

Posted by in News, Home Improvement on Oct 14, 2014 .
Fall is the best time of year to control tough perennial weeds in the landscape or on the farm or acreage. At this time of year they begin moving carbohydrates from the leaves down to the roots for winter storage. If herbicides are applied now, they are transported to the roots along with the carbohydrates, killing the entire plant instead of just the leaves. 
Fall is also the best time to control winter annual weeds, Weeds are opportunistic, taking advantage of thin areas in a lawn to grow and thrive. So the best way to prevent future weed problems is to overseed and thicken lawn turfgrass stands. The best...
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