Buy the right generator for your home: Preparing for unexpected power outages

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Last year around the holidays, Many Torontonians were crippled by a massive ice storm with power outages that left many families with a less than happy holiday surprise. Torontonians were expecting a traditional "White Christmas"  with snow, burt few were expecting the bitter cold and forged ice that took left thousands powerless for the holidays.
One of the best ways to be prepared for future power outages in nasty weather (which includes heavy ice and snow) is to have a generator available for usage when the lights go out. It is especially important for this in the winter, even if to just be able to heat your home.
It is imperative to assess your needs before investing into a generator. That being said, size matters when it comes to the right choice of generator. A small wattage generator, like a 2000 watt, isn’t much when it comes to keeping the average household going. For the average home, you’d likely need at least a 5,000 to 7,500 watt range, which will get your television going, too. Even this range isn’t good for running an air conditioner though (something you don’t really need to worry about this time of year).
There is some important safety measures to consider as well.
First of all, Generators must be run outside, not in the garage or even up against the outside of the garage. It is a fire and safety hazard to have it in the house or garage.
Also, incoming power to the house needs to be turned off at the same time you turn on the generator, which requires special wiring.
Just purchasing a generator for your home isn’t going to give you the back-up protection you need. Talk to the business you purchase it from, prior to purchase, about what your needs are, what you plan to run with it and get some tips from them. Also, contact an electrician when it’s time to install and be ready for that unexpected blackout.
We have a wide array of Honda generator options for youer specific needs, applications and budget.  We look forward to helping you.


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