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Toro Snowthrower Buyers Guide: Tips on what to shop for in both single- and two-stage snowthrowers.

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For over 60 years, Toro has been an industry leader in Snowthrowers.  In 1952, Snow Hound snow blower. The development of a walk-behind snowblower gave each homeowner the personal power to remove snow in their driveway and sidewalks without using the strenuous shovel. In 1962, Toro came out with a lightweight consumer snow blower, the "Snow Pup."                

                                                   Since then, Toro snowthrowers have become...

Nearly a year ago, in the days leading up to Christmas, the Greater Toronto Area was reeling from the devastation caused by the an unprecedented  ice storm's wrath.
Homes were damaged or destroyed, roads were closed, water and food supplies were compromised. But perhaps the most widespread problem was power outages. Folks who never dreamed of life without a light in the refrigerator suddenly had life without refrigeration. The result was inconvenience, expense and danger.
Even for those of us who claim to be capable and well equipped, a sudden and prolonged power outage can be...

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I’ve operated a chain saw since I was about 12. Growing up around chainsaws, my dad and I occasionally needed to cut up trees that had fallen into fields, or trees that had grown over fences and property lines between our farm and the neighbors’.
We also cut wood to heat our home, so I had a good upbringing in using a saw — sort of.
I learned such things as how to mix the fuel properly, how to hold the saw level when cutting and how to predict and avoid pinches (those pressure points in the limb that clamp down on the saw, trapping it into place).
I also learned about kick-back — the sudden,...
Whether you've got to tackle a major cleaning job, looking to rinse your patio or simply clean off your car, reach for an ECHO pressure washer. These NEW Echo pressure washers come with premium pump housings, advanced spraying technology, including a high-pressure setting good for tough jobs like deck and concrete cleaning, and a low-pressure mode for delicate surfaces.
Armed with a pressure washer, homeowners can boost soapy water up to 30 feet, clean second-story windows, get rid of hard-to-reach insect nests and clean decks, patio furniture and other surfaces. 
These New Echo pressure washer...

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Every year North Americans buy 4 to 5 million walk mowers. And when you consider the long summer ahead—and how much of it you'll spend behind a mower—you'll want to choose your machine carefully. At Alpine Lawn and Garden, we want to ensure that you get the best unit that meets your needs, appliction and budget.

Our experienced team offers a wide array of mowers that offer great performance, easy of use and comfort, and reliabiltiy and durability. Ask questions, come in for a "test drive" whenever possible and see the unit for yourself. Make sure that the adjustments, handlebar and speed-control system suit you. We often...

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With the winter season upon us, it is time to prepare yourself for Mother Nature's Wrath.  When winter storm's strike, we want to make sure our customers are well informed to make the best purchase for their needs.   Below we have prepared a brief information guide to help you with the snowthrowers purchasing purchase.  If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Consider the amount of snowfall that usually occurs in the region where you live and the size of the area you need to keep clean.  We don’t need a crystal ball to see that snow is in our future. If you’re planning to get a snowblower, it's important...

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With the long weekend approaching, many of us will be heading up north.  Unfortunately, we may find more than we bargained for.  With an increased number of torrential downpours and high winds many cottagers are finding their weekend getaway to be a weekend restoration.  Fallen trees and damaged power lines are definitely up from last year.  The end result is often a cold weekend without heat and a lot of cleanup and extra work.
Losing power even for just a few hours can be a huge inconvenience, especially when you are outside of the city.  Often water, septic and ventilation systems require electricity to work...
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