Fall is best for control of tough weeds

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Fall is the best time of year to control tough perennial weeds in the landscape or on the farm or acreage. At this time of year they begin moving carbohydrates from the leaves down to the roots for winter storage. If herbicides are applied now, they are transported to the roots along with the carbohydrates, killing the entire plant instead of just the leaves. 
Fall is also the best time to control winter annual weeds, Weeds are opportunistic, taking advantage of thin areas in a lawn to grow and thrive. So the best way to prevent future weed problems is to overseed and thicken lawn turfgrass stands. The best time for overseeding Toronto's Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue is the last stages of summer. With good soil preparation, seed-soil contact and adequate water, young grass plants can grow well even while weeds are present. 
Fall is also an excellent time to control perennial weeds in pastures and waste areas. The post-emergent herbicides mentioned above are effective against thistles, curly dock and poison ivy. Best control will be achieved if daytime temperatures are above 60 degrees, but good control can be obtained even when temps are in the 50s.
If chemical control is needed, spot treatments or spraying individual weeds, it saves money on chemicals. Broadcast applications are a waste of money if only a few weeds are present.
Be sure to research and learn the various weeds that are wreaking havoc on your property.  By better understanding your landscape, you can prepare your lawn and avoid the work and frustration that invading weeds can cause.  Remember, a little bit of extra work now can save you lots of time and money on expensive weed treatments.
We invite you to contact us if you require help to better manage your yard and ultimately give it the cub appeal that you both desire and deserve.


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