Farmers Cashing In from the Rain

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Local Farmers are reaping the benefits of the extra rain the Greater Toronto Area has received so far this spring and summer.

Kelly, a local farmer, said business increases during wet summers, but so has the work. Healthy grass and crops requires more maintenance, but also a much more profittable and sustainable farm.

While farmers spend extra money beautifying their crops and preserving them from excessive r when the grass stays green, he said, compared to years when crops spoil because of a burn-out.

The long, deep-freeze and stormy weather from the winter damaged a lot of roots and crops.  With this exceptionally wet, green, rich growing summer, Most farmers are enjoying the ideal  their business towards landscaping and maintenance. The rain has been a dream come true for  farmers and ranchers, who could get a second cutting of hay after all the precipitation this summer.  Also, with lower than usual summer temperatures, live vegetation, doesn’t heat up as fast and keeps the ground from heating up as fast as very dry soil.

So next time you head over to the grocery store and see all the rich, well-grown fruits and vegetables and delicious meats, don't forget to consider the time, effort and energy farmers put in to give us all these wonderful, healthy foods.  


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