Follow these steps and avoid chainsaw repairs

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This winter saw a lot of arborists, plumbers, roofers, contractors, hydro workers and generous helpers and volunteers attack excessive tree damage. The result was an overwhelming demand in chainsaws.  
With Stihl chainsaws here are 10 of the most common errors that lead to extra, unnecessary repairs that are not covered under your Stihl Manufacturers warranty.
1.  Be sure to follow proper starting procedures.  READ THE MANUAL.  Be safe.
1.  Be sure to turn your chain brake off.  Leaving the chain brake on can cause irrepairable damage to the clutch and lead to expensive repairs.
3.  Mix the oil and gas properly.  All Stihl Products use a 50:1 Mix Ratio.  100ML Stihl Mix Oil to 5L Premium Gas.
4.  Use Stihl Premium Mix.  Using Stihl Mix at proper levels ensures you are warrantied for mix related issues.
5.  Use Premium Gas.  Regular gas contains high levels of ethanol that are leaving debris in fuel systems.
6.  Refill your chain oil.  Lack of chain oil will cause excessive wear on both your bar and chains.
7.  Be sure your bar and chain is installed properly.  This can be very dangerous to both you and your saw.  
8.  Use a sharp chain.  Sharp chains cut faster and cleaner. They are much safer and last much longer.
9.  Clean your saw.  Excessive levels of debris lead to a lack of chain lubrication.
10. Handle your saw with care.  Dropping saws can cause them to require extensive repairs. 
We have seen a lot of careless damage to chainsaws and water pumps; specifically due to customers who chose to buy a unit designed for light applications and tried to use them for commercial applications.


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