Make Storm Cleanup a Breeze with Stihl's Incredible Leaf Blowers and Shredder Vacuums

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The modern world runs on cleaner, smarter and more effectively. Portable smartphones, tablets, computers, e-readers and more have revolutionized how everyone communicates. The same is becoming true for household chores. Today’s line-up of innovative devices make maintaining a home’s outdoor spaces easy, fast and fun while adding a dash of Millennial cool.
New outdoor power equipment is compact, lightweight and easy to store. They share the convenience of other portable devices. But instead of connecting you to the outside world, these improve the world outside your own back door.  Make a quick, quiet, clean sweep of the deck or patio with Stihl's wide array of cleaning tools, from blowers to sweepers to shop vacs, Stihl has a number of inventive, easy to use tools to make clean ups a breeze.
Lightweight, quiet and powerful describes Stihl's handheld blowers.  Both the BG 55 and BG 86 pack plenty of punch for blowing leaves, twigs, sand and other debris to clean patios, decks, sidewalks and garage areas. These units are perfect for everyday cleaning of hard surfaces, but not suited to the heavy lifting of clearing lawns or blowing piles of wet leaves. 
Turn that debris into confetti with a Stihl Shredder Vac. Both the SH 56 and SH 86 models pulverize these lawn and leaf clippings into small, easy to dispose mulch.  Best of all, converting back to the blower is quick and easy, requiring virtually no tools and almost no effort.
Make your yard cleanups easier, quicker and safer.  We invite you to see the wide array of Handheld and Backpack tools that will save you time, money and energy.  Feel free to contact us with whatever needs you may require.


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