Zero Turn Mowers

Zero Turn Mowers

Zero turn lawn mowers are for cutting and trimming lawns and are very popular in Toronto.  Zero turn lawn mowers were originally designed for their versatility and used by landscape contractors and golf courses throughout Toronto.

The zero turn lawn mowers can turn 180 degrees within the body length of the machine.  The mowers are so flexible that they can also turn full circles.  Zero turn lawn mowers generally operate by changing the direction of the rear wheels independently.  In order to make a 180 degree turn, only one wheel needs to be turned backward while the other moves forward.  Zero turn lawn movers generally have two rear wheels linked to 'hydrostatic transmissions'.  Hydrostatic transmissions work by the power of the engine being converted to hydraulic pressure which, in turn, moves and controls the direction of the mower.  

Generally, the operator controls the speed and direction of the zero turn lawn mowers with a pair of levers, which are easy to learn how to use.  The zero turn lawn mower can give good performance for a long time” provided its engine is properly maintained and the mower deck is kept clean.

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Exmark Lazer E Series 52" Mower (LZE732GKC524A2)
For decades, Exmark's Lazer Z® has been the standard of excellence for commercial-grade, zero-tur..
Ferris 24-HP Kawasaki 61" (H2224KAV w/R61) Mower
The ProCut™ S three-wheel riding mower features a simple design for ease-of-operation and service..
Ferris F60Z 36" Zero Turn Fleet Mower
NEW FOR 2017! F60Z ZTR Features:  Patented advance debris management s..
Ferris IS 2100Z Mower
The IS® 2100Z series of mowers is a leading choice among landscape contractors and large property..
Ferris IS 2500Z Mower
The IS® 2500Z series of mowers continues to expand the Ferris zero-turn line-up offering diesel p..
Ferris IS 3100Z Mower
The IS® 3100Z series includes a variety of premium performance, comfort, and convenience features..
Ferris IS 3100ZP Mower
The Ferris Propane Powered IS® 3100Z meets all emission requirements by the Environmental Protect..
Ferris IS 5100Z Mower
The IS® 5100Z series of diesel powered zero-turn mowers features an impressive complement of comf..
Ferris IS 600Z Mower
NEW AND IMPROVED FOR 2013! IS600Z If you are looking for the best value in a c..
Ferris IS 700Z Mower
IS700Z NEW AND IMPROVED FOR 2013! The IS® 700Z series, with up to five feet ..
TimeCutter SW4200 42" Steerable Zero-Turn Riding Mower
Mowing Larger lots are now easier than ever.The Toro TimeCutter SW4200 is a hydrostatic Steerable..
TimeCutter SWX4250 42" Steerable Zero-Turn Riding Mower
The Toro TimeCutter SWX4200 is a hydrostatic zero-turn tractor powered by a 24.5 HP at 3600 RPMs ..
Toro 32" (81 cm) TimeCutter SS3225 (74710)
The TimeCutter® SS3225 zero-turn riding mower is powered by a premium Toro® 452cc single-cylinder..
Toro 42" (107 cm) TimeCutter SS4200 (74721)
The Toro TimeCutter SS4200 is a hydrostatic zero-turn tractor powered by a 452 cc Toro engine..
Toro 54" (137 cm) TITAN ZX5400 (74862)
This 54″ deck mower features a bull-nose bumper, a 23 hp Kawasaki® 726cc Engine, and a heavy-duty..
Toro Z Master Commercial 2000 Series Mower
  Toro is excited to introduce new Z Master® Commercial 2000 Series zero turn mowers. An..
Toro Z Master Commercial 3000 Series Mower
The Z Master® Commercial 3000 Series offers the perfect blend of performance, durability and valu..
Toro Z Master Professional 5000 Series Mower
Designed for the pros, by the pros. This next generation of Toro Z Master mowers feature unsurpas..
Toro Z Master Professional 6000 Series Mower
Designed for the pros, by the pros. This next generation of Toro Z Master® mowers feature unsurpa..
Toro Z Master Professional 7000 Series Mower
Power for demanding jobs. Need to power through tough mowing conditions that would strain convent..
Walker Mowers Model MBK 18-HP Tractor
  Model MBK A simple, clean design built upon many of the same principles as the Wal..
Walker Mowers Model MBS 27-HP Tractor
Model MBS 27HP A commercial mower with the speed and price tag of a mid-mount but the sup..
Walker Mowers Model MBS EFI Tractor
  Model MBS 26HP Matching Kohler's EFI technology with the high production of the Su..
Walker Mowers Model MBV 18-HP Tractor
  Model MBV A simple, clean design built upon many of the same principles as the Wal..
Walker Mowers Model MD Kubota Diesel 20.9-HP Tractor
  Model MD A top-of-the-line Kubota tractor engine, providing long life and fuel eco..
Walker Mowers Model MT 23-HP Tractor
Model MT 23HP Popular with lawn maintenance professionals, the Model MT23 offers the perf..
Walker Mowers Model MT 25i Tractor
The MT is Walker's most advanced tractor series. Developed in the early 90's with the advent of m..
Walker Mowers Model MTL 31-HP EFI Tractor
Model MTL 31HP EFI Operators can expect easy starting and consistent running temperatures..
Model MT25 EFI DEMO The Model MC features a simple, rugged design and a powerful 19HP Kohler ..
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