NEW FOR 2020!!! Honda HRN Lawnmowers

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Source: Honda Power Equipment
New Models Feature Powerful New Engine, More Torque, Intuitive Controls and Ease of Operation
Designed, Tested and Assembled in the USA
The all-new Honda HRN216 Series of lawn mowers has been designed from the ground up, replacing the popular HRR Series, enhancing the experience of lawn mowing with more power, rugged design, ease of operation, and streamlined maintenance. 
The new HRN lawn mowers deliver nine percent more power and 18 percent more torque than the HRR models, allowing the user to power through thick, heavy grass and enjoy a smooth, even cut.
The Honda HRN Series is powered by the all-new Honda GCV170 engine that delivers improved customer benefits in power and torque output, maintenance, and usability through a larger fuel tank spout, easier oil changes, and reliable, dependable starting and re-starting.
Four new Honda HRN216 models—HRN216PK, HRN216VK, HRN216VL and the HRN216VY—offer a range of options and consumer choices.
Replacing the popular Honda HRR Series, the innovative new HRN lawn mower offers a powerful new Honda GCV170 engine and added features that that optimize grass cutting while streamlining operation and maintenance. The all-new Honda HRN Series of lawn mowers was designed from the ground up and tested at Honda Research and Development Americas, Inc. (HRA). The new models will be produced at the nearby HPE manufacturing facility. Both Honda operations are based in North Carolina.  
Designed for People with a Passion for Lawn Care
The new Honda HRN Series of lawn mowers features four major areas of innovation:  more power and torque, a rugged design, intuitive controls, and easier operation and serviceability than the HRR models they replace—all with the goal of making the task of grooming grass more productive and even more enjoyable for lawn care enthusiasts.
“Regardless of how popular or award-winning our outdoor power products are, Honda product development teams continuously pursue innovations that elevate each product for maximum performance and ease of operation for consumers,” said Will Walton, Vice President, Honda Power Equipment. “The all new Honda HRN lawn mowers offer a powerful new engine, updated design and technologically advanced features that provide an easy, comfortable mowing experience and the smooth, groomed finish lawn enthusiasts aspire to.  The new models are one illustration of how we at Honda Power Equipment are contributing to the Honda Vision for 2030—growth through the pursuit of quality and serving people worldwide with the joy of expanding the potential of lives.”
Power + Performance = Increased Mowing Efficiency
The heart of the Honda HRN Series is the all-new easy starting Honda GCV170 engine, delivering nine percent more power and 18 percent more torque than the Honda GCV160 engine in the outgoing Honda HRR Series of mowers. More power and torque relate directly to the ability of the machine to tackle tough mowing conditions while still producing the clean, even cut prized by people who care for their lawns. 
More torque means more force is being delivered to the blades, which results in easier and faster cutting—especially in heavy, thick grass where stalling can occur. The power and torque of the new Honda GCV170 engine provide more stable RPMs for greater consistency in cutting, mulching and bagging across a variety of lawn conditions. Increased displacement in the new GCV170 engine also contributes to more power and torque as compared to the GVC160 engine in the HRR Series. 
The transmission has fewer parts for increased durability, and the new Honda GCV170 includes the exclusive Honda Auto Choke™ system. With a simplified structure and fewer parts, this user-friendly system is automatic, eliminating levers and cables. The engine starts easily, whether cold or hot, and is ready for immediate mowing. Once the engine is running, the Auto Choke automatically returns to an optimal operating position. The Honda GCV170 engine also features the Honda exclusive CycloFlow™ design, which produces increased turbulence in the cylinder and more stable combustion, resulting in easy starting and greater resistance to lower quality fuel. And even with more power and torque, the engine produces less vibration, which reduces fatigue and makes mowing more comfortable and enjoyable for the operator.
Intuitive Controls—Mind Over Matter
The Honda HRN Series of lawn mowers is designed with an array of intuitive controls for even smoother operating than the outgoing Honda HRR models.
Technologically innovative features begin with an improved design of the Adjustable Smart Drive® that allows for ease of speed variation with a press of a wide paddle control on the handlebar. In addition, a 3-in-1 Clip Director® lever located on the side of the engine cowling controls an entry shutter between the lawn mower deck and the grass bag, allowing the operator to easily:
Mulch 100 percent of clippings
Bag 100 percent of clippings
Rear discharge
The operator can easily select either mulching or bagging options without the tools or attachments required on most conventional lawn mowers. 
Other features of the HRN mowers include a simplified cut height control system consisting of a new dual-lever height adjustment (as opposed to four levers on the outgoing HRR models).  With just two levers, the operator can make quick and convenient adjustments for seven different cutting heights, making it fast and easy to take a little off the top, make a deep cut or mow at standard maintenance heights. Finally, two-way releasing rear wheel ratchets increase maneuverability by the reducing effort required to turn or pivot in tight areas. Overall, the system delivers maximum flexibility and ease of operation.
The New Honda HRN Mowers will be featured at Alpine Lawn and Garden's annual Landscape and Contractor Pro Day on Thursday, March 26, 2020 from 10AM-2PM. I invite all interested local landscapers to come down and see the unit. For more details and an invitation to this exclusive event, please feel free to contact me.
I look forward to providing you with the right tool to increase your productivity, profitability and efficiency.
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