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Spring has FINALLY sprung! Although temperatures flutter well below average, for all purposes spring has arrived. Not only do recent temperatures speak of spring, but look along the highways and county roads during your weekend getaways. Before you know it, plants will be in bloom. Flowering trees, forsythia bushes, daffodils, and irises will join the celebration in showing their colors. Soon we shall see our first hummingbirds. As the signs of spring grow stronger my desire to get into my garden also grows.
Many of our customers have already taken steps to awaken the soil in their customer's lawns and gardens...

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Brrrrr! As frigid temperatures continue to plague us across Ontario, grass and plant growth is at a stand still.
The historically cold weather in December and January forced most lawns into dormancy. As Warm temperatures arrive in the next few weeks, they will will bring back the green.
Winter weeds such as henbit, chickweed, thistle, bedstraw, rescue grass, annual bluegrass, dandelions and beggars lice have already gotten a start. They launch themselves early to form seeds before hot weather kills them off.
Mowing is the best way to control weeds in the lawn. Mowing is also useful in cutting the...

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Every year North Americans buy 4 to 5 million walk mowers. And when you consider the long summer ahead—and how much of it you'll spend behind a mower—you'll want to choose your machine carefully. At Alpine Lawn and Garden, we want to ensure that you get the best unit that meets your needs, appliction and budget.

Our experienced team offers a wide array of mowers that offer great performance, easy of use and comfort, and reliabiltiy and durability. Ask questions, come in for a "test drive" whenever possible and see the unit for yourself. Make sure that the adjustments, handlebar and speed-control system suit you. We often...

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The NEW FS 94 R loop handle brushcutter is designed with the professional and landscapers in mind. Equipped with STIHL's new stratified scavenging engine technology that reduces fuel consumption by 20% and fullfils all emission regulations, this innovative model also comes with the new ECOSPEED variable throttle speed control system for precise control of cutting speed and a solid drive shaft. Weighing only 4.6 kg (10.1 lb), it allows for long and comfortable fatigue-proof working periods.

2-stroke reduced-emission engine technology

2-stroke engine with stratified charge. A fuel-free layer of air is created between...

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Wright Manufacturing has introduced a new, compact Stander to its lineup. The Stander Intensity, to be known as the Stander I, is equipped with the first 36-inch deck to incorporate Wright’s Aero Core technology. Operators will appreciate the deck’s improved airflow, cut quality and anti-blow out features, the company says.

  • Floating deck tilts side-to-side and front-to-back to better follow terrain contours while also improving the weight distribution for better handling on hills; similar to the Stander X and ZK
  • Floating standing platform absorbs rough terrain through elastopolymer bumpers that provide a dampened...

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Landscape contractor have had a busy year. With a winter as hectic as this, it is easy to get caught off guard when spring finally springs—especially for contractors in the Greater Toronto Area who have had little rest plowing snow and salting this winter.
Recently, though, more and more landscape contractors have had trouble with their equipment. String trimmers, hedgetrimmers, leaf blowers and other handheld equipment are not responding well to ethanol filled fuel. 
We strongly advise our landscape contractor customers to have a pre-season service system in place. Review your equipment now before the season...

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There’s a rush to get snowthrowers repaired right before the next winter storm.

It’s the sound every snowthrower owner wants to hear, but right before another big winter storm, lots of these machines are stuck in the shop, ‘busted.’  With so much snow this season we've seen a number of snowthrowers coming in for some extra maintenance.  

At Alpine we repair hundreds of snowthrowers a year and this year it's been even more than usual. It’s been busier this year than it has in the last five years; mostly because there's been a lot of chainsaws, snowthrowers and generators working overtime.


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