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Wright Manufacturing introduced its Stander X Gen 2 mower at the GIE+EXPO 2017 trade show in Louisville, Kentucky, which improves on the original Stander X introduced in 2013.
• The Stander X Gen 2 is available with Aero Core deck widths of 48 inches, 52 inches or 61 inches, and engines range from 22 to 24 horsepower.
• With no seat, seat belts or arm rests, operators can step off for quick exit or to pick up debris.
• The mower’s low center of gravity and large wheels improve the machine’s stability, even on hillsides.
• Gen 2 features an 8-gallon fuel tank, a...

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The History of our Open House

In 1995, Alpine was the first to hold an Open House/Customer appreciation day to celebrate our major expansion and construction of our new building and our incredible customers.

We got so much support from our suppliers and friends that we decided to make it an annual event and make it a celebration of the professional landscapers that we get to serve.

The 2016 Open House was our 22nd annual Open House and celebrate over 40 years as Toronto`s premiere outdoor power equipment dealer.  


Photo: STIHL
With the evergrowing demands on today's landscaper, STIHL has met their increasing needs and set the standard for professional-grade blowers in terms of power, fuel efficiency and durability.
Introducing the new and improved BR 700 backpack blower. Building off of the quality and durability of Stihl's top selling BR600, the BR700 is the most powerful blower in the company’s product line. Manufactured in America, the blower delivers 35 Newtons, or about 165 miles per hour, of blowing force.
With an improved nozzle and broader air flow, The...

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Even though we’re nearing the end of grasscutting, lawn mower injuries to the feet are common injuries this time of year.
These injuries can result in deep lacerations, severed tendons, and loss of toenails or toes. They are typically very dirty injuries requiring immediate medical attention for adequate cleansing of the area, antibiotics, and possible surgical intervention including repair of any deep lacerations.
Some fare better than others in the extent of the injury. There are many things that you can do to help prevent this injury for yourself:
‣ Wear shoes. Now this might sound like...

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Stihl Releases The Stihl RMA410 Battery Powered Lawn Mower Packing Plenty of Power
The new Stihl RMA 410 C battery-powered lawn mower is powered by a 36-volt lithium-ion battery that offers no mess or hassle compared to gas powered mowers. The brushless, commercial grade 900-watt electric mower is 50 percent stronger than their previous model and is much quieter than gasoline powered mowers, which is a huge benefit for noise-sensitive neighborhoods.
Stihl is legendary for their unparalleled quality as an outdoor power equipment manufacturer, building equipment that pros have relied on for more...

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Severe winds, rain, snow and ice have caused a number of power outages throughout Ontario overall the last few years. Some lasting days or even weeks. Portable generators are small, practical and easy to transport.  A number of local residents have relied on backup power options to ensure they have power when stormy weather hits.
Always operate generators safely and responsibly.   It is important to use generators only in well-ventilated areas.  Gasoline produce harmful carbon monoxide gases when burned in an engine. running the generator in an attached garage can be extremely dangerous and often fatal, with the...

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It’s summertime and families are spending more time enjoying the outdoors, entertaining with barbecues and patio parties and playing in the backyard. Studies show that green space and landscaping contribute to health, happiness and intellect. The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (, shares seven reasons to be thankful grass is part of our living landscapes.
Reason #1: 
Our yards are incredible oxygen making machines and they cleanse the air too!  A grass area measuring 50 X 50 feet will produce enough oxygen to meet the daily needs of a family of four.  Research has also shown...
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