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It appears as if the mowing season will be continuing throughout the summer. As the gentle hums of the neighborhood power tools and mouth-watering smell of barbeque fill the air, more and more local residents want to enjoy their yards and landscapes; rather than work to maintain them.
The excessive rains and cooler temperatures have made for quite a workout. A lot of homeowners are "making it easy" by upgrading to practical, time-saving tools that improve the look of your yard quickly, safely and effectively.
There's no need to curse an older, unproductive tool. Make yardwork fun again!  We have a number...

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The Stihl 16.5 inch 36 Volt cordless lawnmower is powered by a rechargeable battery that's said to be the most reliable Lithium-Ion battery in the lawn equipment industry. 
Older, heavier mowers are made of steel, heavy and takes several pulls and gas priming to get it started. She's thought about buying a new mower and was interested in trying out the new battery operated RMA Stihl Stihl Mower. 
Having experiences with a number of cordless mower options, We were impressed by some of the RMA 370's functionality. The battery easily slides in, everything adjusts smoothly and it's just easy to use. You can...

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If you still insist on bagging your lawn clippings.  You’re mowing your lawn wrong. 
Bagging grass is leaching money from your wallet. You’re spending more money on watering, fertilizer, pesticide, and maintenance than you have to.
If you want to go easier on your wallet, and the environment, you need to ditch the bag. Just leave those grass clippings where they fall.
Why?  They act as a natural fertilizer, putting the nutrients back into the soil that the grass took out on it’s way up. That means you can spend a little less on fertilizer.
And if your lawn is...

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As the hot summer becomes dry and humid, you will want to keep an eye on the health of your landscape plants.
Summer drought is normal and is an issue every year. However, If there are a greater number of days in which the temperature exceeds 90 degrees, the stress on plants, grass and your body increases.
Be sure to tend to your plants and conserve water when the mercury rises for extended periods of time:
1. Water your landscape strategically. Water early in the morning when temperatures are lower. Water plants infrequently and deeply prior to and during drought. Saturate the area to a depth of 8 to...

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Telling the story of a home is about displaying its potential. This time of year, your outdoor space can play a key role in getting the value you are seeking for your property.
Always remember that with real estate, a first impression either engages a potential buyer or disqualifies any interest they may have had.
The front yard is the first impression. Every buyer – from the do-it-yourself garden expert to the folks who would just rather hire everything out – can see the picture you have already painted with your yard care and landscaping.
Sellers often leave untapped potential with...
With the emergence of one of Toronto's harshest winter's ever, the spring cleanup process has been very costly and time consuming.  Even though many of today's commercial-grade backpack blowers are extremely powerful, they still don't perform as efficiently as a wheeled blower in more intensive applications; particularly in larger commercial properties.
A lot of people become enamored by miles per hour. After all, that tells you how hard the blower is blowing. And if people judge the ferocity of a tornado or hurricane by how hard the storm's winds blow, this must be the logical way to judge...

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Exmark has introduced a number of innovations for 2014, highlighted by the expansion of the company’s exclusive RED technology (introduced in 2013) to 52-inch Lazer Z X-Series models.  The company has also made its new UltraCut Rear-Discharge cutting deck available as an option on its popular Lazer Z S-Series zero-turn rider. Exmark has also introduced a powered dump option to the Navigator dedicated bagging mower, and a new Air Ride seat option for Lazer Z and Navigator models.

The Air Ride seat allows easy, from-the-seat adjustments of pneumatic pressure for operators of varying weights.

What makes Exmark...

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