Preparing your Tractor for Spring

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As spring approaches, it's a good bet that after a long, painful winter, you are likely eager to finally use your lawn tractor. Like any other tool or appliance, though, a lawn tractor must be maintained to last over the long haul. 
The most important practice to help keep your lawn tractor in good shape is to follow an annual maintenance checklist.
1. Check that the unit starts. 
2. Check the battery. 
3. Check the PTO. Check to see if your blades engage.  
4. Check the spindles and shafts. See if the blades turn properly and there is no noises from the deck.
5. Check the belts. Replace belts that are worn, frayed and cracked.
6. Check the tires. Regularly check the tire pressure and make sure the tires don't show signs of wear and run flat when you need them most.
7. Degrass the deck.  Clearing excess grass allows your unit to run smoother and provide a better cut.  
8. Check the steering. Be sure the gears and axles work properly.
9. Check the Drive.  Does the tractor go forward, reverse?  
10. Test your mower. Try cutting some grass.
Check the whole tractor regularly for any signs that parts may need replacing. Much of the maintenance involved with your lawn tractor, you can do yourself. These jobs include: 
tightening any nuts, bolts and screws that may be loose 
replacing spark plugs and fuel, and air filters, about once a year. 
Fuel-related issues account for about 80 percent of the reasons that customers bring their tractors to his shop for repair. 
- Use Premium gas whenever possible. Avoid ethanol-filled fuels.
- Make sure you use gas stabilizer. Stabilizer keeps the fuel fresh. When fuel sits around in your lawn tractor, the ethanol will pull moisture into the fuel and that could cause problems.
- Check and change the oil.  Lack of oil lubrication can cause irrepairable, expensive repair to your lawn tractor.
We invite you to bring in your tractor for a "hassle-free" assessment. Pick up and delivery is available for local customers.
We look forward to helping you.


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