2015-2016 Toro Snowthrower Buyers Guide

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Toro Snowthrower Buyers Guide: Tips on what to shop for in both single- and two-stage snowthrowers.

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For over 60 years, Toro has been an industry leader in Snowthrowers.  In 1952, Snow Hound snow blower. The development of a walk-behind snowblower gave each homeowner the personal power to remove snow in their driveway and sidewalks without using the strenuous shovel. In 1962, Toro came out with a lightweight consumer snow blower, the "Snow Pup."                

                                                   Since then, Toro snowthrowers have become an integral part of neighbourhoods across North America. Innovations like the quick chute, Power Max and Power Curve Technology has made Toro a top Selling Single Stage Units across North America. 

As you read further, we will help guide you towards finding the apropriate unit for your specific application.

For a complete list of the various Toro Snowthrowers please review the link below.                                           http://alpinelawn.com/snow-blowers
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Toro Power Clear Single-Stage Snowthrowers

Single-stage snowthrowers are ideal for light to moderate snowfall on sidewalks, driveways and other smaller areas. They are called "single-stage" because the snow us sucked up and tossed in a single stage by an auger.  These are extremely popular for suburban homes because they are lighter, easier to manuever and easier to store than bulkier, heavier and less manueverable 2 stage units.

Robust and durable.  The Toro Single Stage Snowthrowers have to be built to withstand Toronto's punishing, wet, slushy snow. Leading the pack once again this year is the Toro 621 QZE. This unit offers homeowners everything they could ask for in power, convenience and performance.                                                                                                                                        

                                                                              Toro Power Clear Single-Stage Snowthrowers

Powered by Toro's 163cc Snow King Engine, These Toro Workhorses move over 1800 lbs. of snow per minute and throwing more than 20 feet away!  With

Toro's patented, kevlar rubber augers, the toro Power Clear units grip right against the driveways surface; eliminating the need of shovelling a last layer of snow left by larger, metal-auger units.  Perhaps the most popular feature of Toro 621 QZE models is the effortless quick chute that allows you to throw the snow wherever you want within seconds.

New to the Toro Single Stage lineup this season is the 721 R-C; specifically designed for the professional snow remover that needs an ideal, powerful, lightweight option for sidewalks and walkways. This heavy-duty, compact, yet durable 21" workhorse will give contractors a great alternative to shovelling in tight places.   

Most customers appreciate the fact that their single-stage snowthrower to have a good auger system that can clean right down to the pavement; clearing wet, slushy, snow; without excessive wear and tear that could hinder auger performance and life.  Today's Consumer wants equipment that's as easy to operate as possible. Toro Power Clear Single-Stage Snowthrowers are durable yet lightweight. Ergonomic handlebars and controls make a huge difference if you're clearing snow for several hours a day. The 621 Power Clear Series also features foldable handlebars make trailering and storage simple and easy.

Toro Compact Two-Stage Power Max Snowthrowers

Meeting the ever-changing demands of today's consumer, the Toro Power Max Compact series offers users a great alternative to large frame, bulky and hard to manuever snowthrowers.  These units are specifically designed for clearing larger drifts and hardened snow. 

Since the release of the redesigned compact 2 stage units, the Power Max Compact models give customers the luxury of larger units in a small, practical package.  These units feature a quick chute and zip deflector, 6 speed transmission and Toro's Power Max funnel system; which significantly reduces clogging and bogging of snow in the heaviest of snowfalls.                                                                                                                                                                                            

                                                                            The Toro Power Max series utilize Toro's quick chute controls; allowing you to throw the wet, heavy snow up to 30 feet away.  The quick chute controls allow for rapid, effortless rotation of your chute.  The Reinforced Auger Gear Box features hardened gears designed to withstand the winters worst; allowing you worry-free performance with great results.  Backed by a 3 Year Limited Warranty, these little monsters will ensure that you have a productive, durable snowthrower that can clear  your space in no time at all.

Toro Two-Stage Power Max HD Heavy Duty Snowthrowers

The Toro full frame, two-stage snowthrowers are ideal for heavier snowfalls (over 8 inches) and for larger areas. They are called "two-stage" because the snow is sucked up by an auger in one stage, and is then tossed by an impeller in a second stage. Starting with a 250cc Toro Snow King Engine, these winter warriors will blast away the toughest, heaviest snow.   

                                                                                 Most of the Power Max HD Series feature a free wheel steering system that allows you to turn and manuever these larger units as if they were as small as a compact single stage. These units are very common for small parking lots and larger driveways (6+ cars)

The Toro Power Max HD units feature fully welded serrated augers, a cast iron gear case, a large axle shaft with steel axle bushings, and a large and durable friction disc help make for a robust machine. Each and every component should be built with durability and performance in mind. A dual belt-drive system can help a snowthrower sustain maximum load without slip, even at lower temperatures, making it maintenance-free with no service adjustments required. The gear cases, like the compact Power Max models feature hardened gears.

The Larger frame allows for larger engine displacement and power output.  The Toro Power Max HD series feature a quick chute design that you can adjust both your direction and distance within seconds.  The Power Max HD two-stage snowthrowers can throw snow more than 40 feet.  These powerful engines work together with the high-speed impeller system and belt-drive system to throw the snow, quicker and farther.                                                                             

NEW FOR 2015 is The Toro Snow Master; built for the homeowners looking for a snowblower that can power through deep heavy snow while being agile and nimble. The Snow Master is able to deliver power, maneuverability, and ergonomic, simple controls. 

Toro Snow Master Snowthrowers; like their industry leading little brothers, the Power Clear models clean down to the pavement from a compression loaded scraper that has constant contact with the ground. Available in a compact 24" frame, The Snow Master's feature Toro's groundbreaking, easy to maneuver personal pace system allows for infinite speeds which also incorporates automatic steering for easy turning.
The Personal Pace drive system will provide you with up to 30% Faster Ground Speed than a Traditional Two-Stage snowthrower.  These units excel in wet, heavy, slushy snow. 
Toro's Quick Stick Chute Control allows you to blow the snow anywhere, faster and better than ever before. Cutting into depths of snow more than 18".
We invite you to come in and take advantage of Toro's incredible preseason savings and discover all the benefits snowthrowers have to offer.  For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.  We are eager to help you and help you find the best unit for your needs, application and budget.


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