Blow Away your Worries with Billy Goat Wheeled Leaf Blowers

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With the emergence of one of Toronto's harshest winter's ever, the spring cleanup process has been very costly and time consuming.  Even though many of today's commercial-grade backpack blowers are extremely powerful, they still don't perform as efficiently as a wheeled blower in more intensive applications; particularly in larger commercial properties.
A lot of people become enamored by miles per hour. After all, that tells you how hard the blower is blowing. And if people judge the ferocity of a tornado or hurricane by how hard the storm's winds blow, this must be the logical way to judge the performance of a leaf blower.
To that end, some consumers become easily confused. In reviewing Billy Goat wheeled blowers you can see that the mph ratings vary from around 150 to 200. Popular commercial-grade backpack blowers boast 200-mph wind speeds. But you'll also notice that the cfm ratings (cubic feet per minute) range from around 500 to 900 cfm. 
Billy Goat's commercial-grade wheeled blower,  With powerful Subaru and Honda motor options, you can blow with speeds more in the range of 1,400 to 2,500 or better.  The cfm measures the amount/volume of air being produced by the blower, as opposed to the speed of that air. Volume is important when you're trying to move large volumes of debris, such as heavy, often wet piles of leaves in the fall.
That's not to say that speed (mph) isn't also important. Pierre Pereira of Billy Goat says a blower's performance is actually a combination of volume (cfm) and velocity (mph) and pressure (psi). When all three of those specs are up to snuff, you have a blower that will likely pack the power to get the job done for you.
 Look at the key specs of cfm, mph and psi, but also ask your dealer to show you how the blower performs. And ask the dealer what other features the blower incorporates that can increase power and performance.
For instance, what about impeller design? Many blowers have a 17-inch-diameter impeller, which often features six or seven blades. Billy Goat's impeller features 16 blades for increased productivity.
Airflow control is also something to look at. Billy Goat units feature a fingertip-controlled Aim N Shoot feature. Little Wonder blowers feature a patented deflector that splits the air stream. The fastest-moving air is deflected to the base of a leaf pile to get it moving. The upper-level air speed is thus reduced, which helps keep the pile together as you move it.
For more information on Billy Goat wheeled leaf blowers, do not hesitate to contact us.
We invite you to come in and get "blown away" by the durability, power and performance of Billy Goat Leaf Blowers.


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