Checkout the NEW Stihl RMA 370 Mower

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The Stihl 16.5 inch 36 Volt cordless lawnmower is powered by a rechargeable battery that's said to be the most reliable Lithium-Ion battery in the lawn equipment industry. 
Older, heavier mowers are made of steel, heavy and takes several pulls and gas priming to get it started. She's thought about buying a new mower and was interested in trying out the new battery operated RMA Stihl Stihl Mower. 
Having experiences with a number of cordless mower options, We were impressed by some of the RMA 370's functionality. The battery easily slides in, everything adjusts smoothly and it's just easy to use. You can fold the handle to fit in tight spaces, the blade height adjusts to a number of different settings, and it's a 2-in-1 mulching or side discharge mower.
The Stihl RMA 370 is much quieter and lighter than most other mowers. It was also easier to push and maneuver than her old mower. The only thing she didn't like is the safety bar that you squeeze when you're mowing had to be gripped a little too tightly, and that was uncomfortable on her hands. Overall, I was impressed by it, especially how easy it started and how well it cut.
The battery lasts for 45 minutes. Allowing most homeowners to mow their front yard and entire back yard on one charge.
Stihl also has an impressive cordless blower. With electric blower many customers find that, even with the use of extension cords, it is still difficultto reach the whole yard. 
The cordless blower was so much nicer for that reason. She said it was a bit heavier because of the battery. She thought an added handle or strap would help. She also thought a more narrow blower head would help direct the air better, but she said not having to run an extension cord was a big plus.
The Stihl RMA 370 lawnmower is on sale. All Stihl Cordless products and batteries come with a 2 year warranty.
Make no mistake, the initial investment for battery-powered equipment may seem steep. However, once you purchase the tool itself, and then a good battery and charger, you will end up paying considerably more for a battery-powered unit as compared to gas—sometimes more than double.
Ultimately, Stihls lithium ion battery-powered lawn equipment can make you greener, and more effective, too.  Start saving time, money and the environment with Stihls incredible array of cordless products now. 


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