Start Saving With Stihl's Greener, Lighter Cordless Lithium-Ion Products

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Over the past few years, many homeowners have grown tired of mixing oil and gas, heavier bulkier gas units and hard to start prime and pull trimmers.  After several lower grade options proved unable to handle the needs and demands of North America’s landscaping needs, Stihl Inc., a worldwide, proven leader in gas-powered handheld equipment, has introduced their own premium, lithium-ion, cordless products.

Stihl has since expanded its battery-powered offering to also include two string trimmers, a handheld blower, a chainsaw, a push mower, and a newly introduced extended-reach hedgetrimmer; the lightweight HLA 65.  "With significant research and development and a premium design, our Stihl Cordless Products are delivering more and more power and providing homeowners and professionals with quieter, lighter and emission-free products that will stand up to the daily chores of professional grounds maintenance."

Raul T. is local contractor is using a number of Stihl Cordless Products including the MSA 160 C-BQ Chainsaw, the HSA 65 hedgetrimmer, the FSA 85 string trimmer and the BGA 85 super-quiet blower. "A big advantage is the lighter weight," Raul says. "But the biggest thing is the environment, mainly from the customer's perspective."

Reduced sound is another benefit. Nick M. an Alpine customer for over 20 years starts his day when the sun comes up with his FSA 85 Trimmer,"With some of our homeowner customers, if you show up on their lawn at 7:30 in the morning, running gas-powered trimmers and blowers, you will probably get yelled at by a neighbour.  I couldn’t believe how quiet and effective this trimmer has been since I bought it.”

Performance-wise, Nick says the string trimmer is on par with their gas-powered counterparts.  The only drawback was the lack of attachments The new HLA 65 will be the first of what will surely be many versatile tools that Stihl will have to offer in the next few years. 

Many landscape maintenance contractors are finding that Stihl`s battery-powered handheld equipment can be very useful on certain properties. Dan Pherson, a product manager with Stihl Inc., hospitals, condo complexes, homeowner associations, and neighborhoods with noise restrictions are ideal settings for battery equipment. So are properties and locales with stringent emissions requirements, such as LEED-certified buildings.

More and more greener property management companies are aware of the green marketing concept with an increasing demand for greener products.  Survey studies suggest that more than 75% of consumers are interested in greener approaches to lawn care.  The Stihl Cordless lineup is a perfect, reliable and proven option for you to consider.

Make no mistake, the initial investment for battery-powered equipment may seem steep. However, once you purchase the tool itself, and then a good battery and charger, you will end up paying considerably more for a battery-powered unit as compared to gas—sometimes more than double.

For example, Stihl's HSA 65 battery-powered hedgetrimmer costs just 2 cents per hour to operate—which is about 95 cents per hour less than a comparable gas unit. What does that mean? The battery-powered unit will have cost the same amount as the comparable gas-powered unit at roughly the 305-hour mark ($290/0.95) and ultimately, Stihls lithium ion battery-powered lawn equipment can make you greener, and more profitable, too.

Start the new season by saving time, money and the environment with Stihls incredible array of cordless products. 

Stihl Cordless Lithium Products are on sale now. They will be featured at Alpine Lawn and Garden's annual Landscape and Contractor Pro Day on Thursday, March 28, 2013 from 10AM-2PM. I invite all interested local landscapers to come down and see the unit. For more details and an invitation to this exclusive event, please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to providing you with the right tool to increase your productivity, profitability and efficiency.


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