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Wright Manufacturing has introduced a new, compact Stander to its lineup. The Stander Intensity, to be known as the Stander I, is equipped with the first 36-inch deck to incorporate Wright’s Aero Core technology. Operators will appreciate the deck’s improved airflow, cut quality and anti-blow out features, the company says.

  • Floating deck tilts side-to-side and front-to-back to better follow terrain contours while also improving the weight distribution for better handling on hills; similar to the Stander X and ZK
  • Floating standing platform absorbs rough terrain through elastopolymer bumpers that provide a dampened...

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The NEW MT25i is Walker's most advanced tractor. Developed in the early 90's with the advent of more powerful twin-cylinder engines, the MT series has remained a must have for many commercial operations. The Walker MT25i feature's a 25-hp Kohler Command air-cooled, EFI engine (T25i) equipped with Kohler's DELPHI system is the most popular engine choice of the series. It offers a 30% fuel savings versus similar carbureted engines. T-series tractors use Walker decks, implements and attachments to work all year long for homeowners, commercial mowers and a variety of other customers.
The MT25i Features
•25-HP Kohler OHV...

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For years arborists have been cutting most of the tree parts with spurs, ropes and axes.  Then came a nice array of small, ergonomic "bucket" top-handle saws fitted with a pruning blade. which to this day work surprisingly well and, most importantly, offer a safe, effective option over bulkier, heavy, traditional units.

But after some big storms over the past year, the limbs and damaged trees have piled up and many homeowners and arborists are seeking an option that allows them to prune higher limbs without the use of flimsy ladders and unsafe ropes.

Stihl has 2 excellent pole pruners available for customers to make clearing...

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The beauty and wonder of fall and all its festive colors quickly loses its luster when those thousands of leaves are laying all over your lawn like a compost carpet. After hours of raking, the Hunchback of Notre Dame becomes a clear choice for your Halloween costume because the pain in your lower back makes standing up straight unrealistic until Christmas.

Enter the Toro Ultra 235 Electric Leaf Blower Vac — with a 12-amp motor and 235 mph air speed. Think of it as a handheld hurricane. It was recently featured on the Today show as a “must have” tool for fall clean up and a great bang for the buck.

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                                                                                 As North America's #1 Brand for Single-Stage Snowthrowers, The Toro Power Clear Series have helped our customers through countless inches of snow.  Finally, Toro has an ideal, lightweight option for contractors. 

New to the Toro Single Stage lineup this season is the Power Clear 721 R-C; specifically designed for the professional.  This heavy-duty, compact, yet durable 21" workhorse will give contractors a great alternative to shovelling walkways and sidewalks.


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With the long weekend approaching, many of us will be heading up north.  Unfortunately, we may find more than we bargained for.  With an increased number of torrential downpours and high winds many cottagers are finding their weekend getaway to be a weekend restoration.  Fallen trees and damaged power lines are definitely up from last year.  The end result is often a cold weekend without heat and a lot of cleanup and extra work.
Losing power even for just a few hours can be a huge inconvenience, especially when you are outside of the city.  Often water, septic and ventilation systems require electricity to work...

Posted by in Product Reviews on Apr 23, 2013 .
The NEW Toro 20319 is lawn mower with powerful and reliable Briggs & Stratton 5.5 ft. lb. gross torque engine that no longer requires the need to choke or prime.
This lawn mower is light weight, easy to manuever and ideal for most residential applications. Weighing at only 70 pounds, it is one of the lightest and most affordable gas options available. With the Easy Start Briggs and Stratton Engine, this unit offers easy operating and maneuverability even over the more demading terrains.
The NEW Toro 20319 features a 20-inch cutting deck, assuring it will be able to get into all the tight areas of your yard....
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