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Posted by in Product Reviews, Buyers Guides on Oct 20, 2012 .
As a proud Torontonian, I have had to face several harsh truths
  1. The Jays, Leafs and Raptors will not make the playoffs (again!);
  2. The price of a litre of gas will cost more than my morning cup of coffee;
  3. Winter will be a pain in the arse.  
Between driving on rut-filled roads, the extra long lines at the coffee shops and the bitterly cold weather, winter certainly makes that morning commute a little less enjoyable.  When winter arrives, mother nature can strike with a vengence.  Often, with the ice and snow being so...

Posted by in Product Reviews, Buyers Guides on Jul 28, 2012 .

Stihl chainsaws are now lighter, easier and more vesatile allowing the user an ideal option for virtually every possible application. There are a number of gas chainsaws, electric chainsaws and now even a cordless model for you to consider.

We at Alpine want to ensure that you are comfortable with the weight and feel of your chainsaw.  We have many models in store and on display for you to handle and review.

Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff will review your specific needs with you. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that you get the best saw for your application that meets your...

Posted by in Product Reviews on May 12, 2012 .

A Honda generator broken down to its component parts is an engine and an alternator to convert power from the Honda engine into electricity.  The quality of Honda’s engines is only matched by the quality of the alternator components in Honda generators.

Honda produces two distinct types of generators which to the first time customer can be confusing.  There is the conventional Honda generator and the Honda Inverter Series generator.

The conventional Honda generator operates with copper coils to generate electricity. The Honda engine spins the alternator at a...

Posted by in Product Reviews on May 11, 2012 .

Do I need a corded electric grass trimmer?


Corded electric grass trimmers are less expensive than their gas powered grass trimmer counterparts and they are also less weight. Further, electric grass trimmers are easier to start (plug and play), quieter, less costly to operate and create far less direct pollution.


In terms of the disadvantages, electric grass trimmers require an extension cord and need to be within reach of an outlet; the limit is up to 200 feet for a Stihl FSE 60 grass trimmer (not typically a constraint for average lots in Toronto).  The limit for...

Posted by in Product Reviews on Apr 17, 2012 .

Looking after and mowing your lawn can be very easy if you know which lawn mower is right for the job. One of the key tools in a homeowner's or professional landscaper's arsenal is having the best lawn mower for the particular job. The trick to choosing which lawn mower is right for you is to match the mower to your budget, yard size and yard type.  At we publish all of the comparable specifications (width of cut, hieight of cut, engine power, displacement, weight, maximum ground speed etc) to help you decide which lawn mower is best.  Also, here are a list of the typical questions our sales staff...

Posted by in Product Reviews on Mar 21, 2012 .


Today was the first really nice day in Toronto, so I took out the new Toro Timemaster for a start and compare against the traditional Toro 21" mower. The model I had was the 20200 with the electric start, but we also have the recoil only ones in stock. Sorry I didn't get a chance to cut any grass, but up here in Toronto the grass hasn't grown at all yet. Follow up review of the cutting quality to come in a few weeks. Let me know what you would like to compare it to in the comments. Stay tuned...

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