Honda Snow Blower HSM1336iKC

Honda Snow Blower HSM1336iKC
Honda Snow Blower HSM1336iKC
Brand: Honda
Product Code: HND-HSM1336iKC
Price: $8,599.00

* Price shown is based on the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) and is subject to change. MSRP excludes applicable taxes, PDI, freight, installation, setup and/or other dealer fees.

Honda’s top-of-the-line HSM1336iKC hybrid drive snowblower features twin electric motors for precise control of the dual track drive, while a rugged iGX390 four-stroke overhead valve (OHV) engine is devoted to powering the auger and blower. Individual control of the electric motors allows the HSM1336iKC to follow smooth curves or turn on a dime with ease and precision, and the computerized i-Control system automatically completes repetitive tasks and matches engine loads to snow conditions for maximum performance. A 3 position function switch allows operation in "Auto", "Power" or "Manual" mode, and for added convenience, the HSM1336iKC features electric auger height adjustment, and fingertip control for height and direction of snow discharge with the electric chute joystick control. The rugged and reliable iGX390 engine, with 24 VDC electric start provides low noise, low vibration, fuel efficient power for clearing massive amounts of snow – up to 83 metric tons per hour with a discharge distance of up to 19 metres (62.3 ft). That makes the HSM1336iKC the ideal snowblower for large properties, municipalities, academic institutions, resorts or any location which requires the ultimate in snow clearing abilities. The HSM1336iKC comes with a 3 year residential/commercial warranty and it's certified to meet or exceed EPA emissions guidelines.
Additional Features:
• Standard work light
• Clears a 92.0 cm (36.2 in) path with a 58.0 cm (22.8 in) clearing height
• Auto throttle reduces engine revs to idle in no load conditions for improved fuel economy and noise reduction
• Auto choke provides simple, easy starting in any weather conditions, with no extra effort
• Auger Lift Control (when using "Automatic" and "Power" modes) automatically lifts the auger housing when switching to reverse, and lowers it for operation when switched to forward
• A toolbox integrated into the rear cover allows access to tools without removing gloves or mitts
• Auger Clutch Switch allows moving the HSM1336iKC with the auger disengaged
• Auger Height Reset Switch automatically returns the auger housing to any previously set height
• Reduced engine noise due to new large muffler design and standard deflector is especially welcome for early morning snow clearing or for operation close to nearby properties
• On-board diagnostics panel with indicator lights provide easy monitoring of main snowblower functions on startup and during operation
Engine Specs. Honda 4-stroke; OHV; single cylinder i-GX390T2 389 cc (23.7 CID)
Ignition type CDI magneto
Starter Electric Starter (Standard 24 VDC type)
Drive System Infinitely variable (Load control)
Auger Type 39.8 cm (15.7 in) Steel serrated (Spiral) Auger Belt driven shaft, electromagnetic cluch
Chute Control Remote electric "Joystick" control 240 degree Chute Turning Radius
Discharge Type Two Stage
Scraper Electric auger-height adjuster (Automatic raise at return path)
Snow Clearing Capacity up to 83 metric tons (91 tons/hr)
Throw Distance 19 m (62.3 ft)
Clearing Width 92.0 cm (36.2 in)
Tires N/A
Weight 240 kg (529.1 lb)
Fuel Capacity 5.7 Litres (1.25 Imp. gal)
Transmission type Electric i-Control (24 VDC drive motors)
Residential Warranty 36-month, non-commercial use / 36-month, commercial use distributor’s warranty

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