Spruce up your home's curb appeal with a few extra chores

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Telling the story of a home is about displaying its potential. This time of year, your outdoor space can play a key role in getting the value you are seeking for your property.
Always remember that with real estate, a first impression either engages a potential buyer or disqualifies any interest they may have had.
The front yard is the first impression. Every buyer – from the do-it-yourself garden expert to the folks who would just rather hire everything out – can see the picture you have already painted with your yard care and landscaping.
Sellers often leave untapped potential with neglected trees, yards and landscapes. Potential property sellers should make a plan to increase the pride of ownership with the exterior spruce up.
Buyers are different in the way they think. Buyers often see all the untapped potential of a neglected front yard, three others just see work to be done and money to be spent.
A neglected yard devalues your home in a buyer's eyes. 
Great landscaping creates value and demand.
As you look to improve your home's appearance, consider these important elements.
Clean lines: Clean lines speak to a buyer's need for organization and easy maintenance.        
Color & texture: Landscaping can so often be a sea of varying greens hues. To tap in to the greater potential of your yard it is important to incorporate color and texture. Mulches, stone and hardscapes create divides between gardening zones and add great texture.
Perennials are not the only way to add color. There are lots of flowering deciduous trees and shrubs, and tons of plants with colorful foliage from ground cover like Scottish Heather to large sculptable hedges like Plum Delights.         
Elevations: Build layers of growth to give your home greater appeal. Low lying plants in the front, working back to taller trees and shrubs at the back.
Start the landscape process early and ensure you complete your projects.  There is no greater eyesore or disappointment in a buyers eyes than a pile of debris and incomplete work.
Before you know it, the hard work will quickly pay off. You'll receive a great return on your investment and best of all, your potential buyers will be lining up to invest in your lucretive property.


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