What is the best lawn mower?

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Looking after and mowing your lawn can be very easy if you know which lawn mower is right for the job. One of the key tools in a homeowner's or professional landscaper's arsenal is having the best lawn mower for the particular job. The trick to choosing which lawn mower is right for you is to match the mower to your budget, yard size and yard type.  At alpinelawn.com we publish all of the comparable specifications (width of cut, hieight of cut, engine power, displacement, weight, maximum ground speed etc) to help you decide which lawn mower is best.  Also, here are a list of the typical questions our sales staff field when helping a customer decide which lawn mower is right for them. 

Which lawn mower? Gas, electric or cordless?

Electric - A corded electric lawn mower is lightweight and virtually maintenance free. However, there is the big downside of being restricted by the length of cord. Also, if you miss a cut or two during the spring season, it is very easy to overwork the electric motor leading to permanent damage to your lawnmower.

Cordless - Cordless mowers don't have the issue of the cord as they use a rechargeable battery. These types of mowers like the Toro e-cycler are a great alternative to gas for the individuals with relatively small lawns. They are lightweight only 77 lbs (35 kg), run on a 36 Volt System and provide 432 Watt-Hours of Power.

Gas - For the majority of lawns in the City of Toronto, especially outside of the downtown core, the gas lawn mower still provides the most effective means to get the job done. No worries about run-time nor running over the cord. If you miss a cut in the spring time, you can still get the job done without destroying your lawn mower. The additional horsepower and torque available to the gas powered lawn mowers also allows you more flexibility for mulching (which due to the re-cutting of the grass multiple time in a mulcher requires more power) and self-propelled lawn mower capabilities.

If you are a professional landscaper, there really is no choice about which lawn mower is best in this category as you must go with a commercial grade gas powered lawn mower.

If Gas, which lawn mower do I need, a 4-cycle or 2-cycle lawn mower?

If you have a flat/level lawn to mow, then you can use a 4-cycle lawn mower without worry. This means you can pour straight gas directly into the mower (easy). However, you need to check the oil level and top it up if it gets low, as well as change the oil at regular intervals.  Most 4-cycle lawnmowers do not have a pressurized lubrication system, meaning that you have to keep it pretty flat when you use the lawn mower as oil gets picked up and splashed around for lubrication. If you are on an incline, the oil will go to one side and will not lubricate your lawn mower causing severe engine damage.

If you have a slope, then traditionally we would recommend a 2 cycle lawnmower. With a two-cycle lawnmower you need to mix in 2 stroke oil with the gasoline in a separate container before you can use it in the mower. The benefit is that you don't have to change the oil. However, they can cause increased pollution and with stricter environmental standards, the 2 cycle lawnmower is being phased out.


In order to use a 4 cycle lawn mower on a slope, you would need to purchase a lawn mower with a pressurized lubrication system that keeps the engine lubricated even when it is on a slope.  Honda is a premium lawn mower and makes one of the best lawn mower engines on the planet.  The Toro lawn mower with a Honda engine is a great machine.


What size of cutting deck do I need for my lawn mower?

The majority of homeowner walk behind lawnmowers are sized between 20" and 22". The factors to consider in this category is the size of your lawn relative to the number of obstructions (trees, shrubs and landscaping) that you are going to have to maneuver around.  Larger lawnmowers can be tougher to maneuver.

Toro recently came out with a 30" lawn mower that is going to cut down mowing time by as much as 40%. If you have a larger lawn, the Toro Timemaster may make sense for you.


Which self-propelled lawn mower?

Self-propelled mowers are driven by the engine and come in single speed lawnmowers or variable speeds typically ranging from 0 to 5 miles per hour. Self-propelled lawn mowers become a must if you have slopes, you are bagging your grass or you opt for a larger lawn mower to do a larger lawn.


Which riding lawn mower or garden tractor?

Riding mowers, lawn tractors and garden tractors vary in cost and features widely. The most common myth we run into is that people often think they can purchase an economy lawn tractor and fit it with attachments such as a snow blower or roto-tiller. Only heavy duty garden tractors can work properly with large attachments such as a snow blower or roto-tiller. Your budget will determine whether it makes economic sense to have a tractor do mutliple duties, or whether to buy individual items.

Which zero turn mower?

Zero turn mowers are used very frequently by professional landscape contractors to cut lawns in the most efficient way possible. Time is money.


The term “zero turn” refers to the turning radius of the machine being a zero-degree turning radius. This means the zero turn mower can turn within its own footprint. Each rear wheel has an independent wheel motor (one on the right and one on the left) that is usually controlled by two steering handles, although there are some zero turn with steering wheels.

The mower deck is also designed to cut more efficiently at higher speeds. Some of the Ferris zero turn mowers offer full suspension and forward ground speeds of up to 10 mph to get the job done super fast and still give that manicured look.

In conclusion, we will try and help you decide which lawn mower is right for you.  Whatever the size of your yard, buying a mower that's large enough and has enough power to handle the job will make lawn mowing a job you look forward to.  Check us out at alpinelawn.com or drop in and see us at our Toronto location @ 2921 Kennedy Road, Toronto for a no obligation, no hassle demonstration of all these lawnmowers to see them in action.  Follow us on twitter, Find us on Facebook and keep checking back on our Blog for upcoming lawn mower shootouts, reviews and unboxings.



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