Why the Pro’s Choose Walker Mowers

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For more than 30 years, Walker Mowers have excelled for providing Canadian Landscapers with reliability and dependability, versatility and performance and an exceptional cut and finish that your customers desire and deserve.  Here are some of the biggest reasons Walker Outfront Mowers continue to be a top choice for estate lots, year after year.

Walker’s Outfront Mower Design dramatically reduces trimming time.  By being able to get into tight spaces and utilizing Walker Mower’s exceptional zero-turn precision, you are able to save close to 40% of your trimming time and labour.

The Walker Outfront Mower provides a superior cut.  With an industry-praised, true floating deck design, Walker Mowers following the natural contours of your lawn.  There is less weight and pressure being placed on your lawn because of a patented carrier frame for the deck, which are supported by counter springs and front casters.  

The Walker Grass Handling System (GHS) System provides a spectacular finish.  In today's Outdoor Power Equipment Industry, one machine stands out front of the others for its performance in vacuuming grass clippings, leaves, sticks and lawn debris - the Walker Grass Handling System (GHS) provides our many landscapers with the best finish they could ask for.  Whether it be spring cleanups or maple leaf-filled yards in the fall, the Walker mower vacuums up your lawn debris into its hopper and gets your yard’s cleaner the first time.

Because the mower deck is in your natural view, Walker Mowers provides grass cutters with an clear, optimal view of your mowing area and the floating deck will flex for inclines and uneven mowing applications.  It is much easier to detect hazards that can damage the mowers and cost you time and money.

Walker Mowers are much easier to service than their competitors as well.  Walker decks are easy to get underneath, clean and service.  The exceptional accessibility to the deck allows for quick, efficient grass and debris removal and blade replacement and sharpening.

Finally, the Walker mower offers you more than its competitors.  Walker Mowers offer dethatchers, dozer blades, debris blowers, snowthrower and implement options the Walker Mower is much more than just a grass cutter. 

Walker Mowers will be featured at Alpine Lawn and Garden's annual Landscape and Contractor Pro Day on Thursday, March 28, 2013 from 10AM-2PM. I invite all interested local landscapers to come down and see Walker Mowers incredible lineup. For more details and an invitation to this exclusive event, please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to providing you with the right tool to increase your productivity, profitability and efficiency.

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